My Photo Bomb

To the lady in the Hobby Lobby parking lot who took a photo of me doing the unthinkable, please do me a favor and mind your own damn business.

Yes, I know those racks are in place to cut down on costs due to parking lot assholes like myself whose shopping cart plummets into your quarter panel. However, my child screaming bloody murder in his car seat is a tad bit more important than walking my cart six cars down to place it appropriately.

Maybe you don't have children or maybe your children are grown. Maybe you don't understand that when "it's time to go"...It's time to go! You probably have no concept of what that even means. Maybe instead of judging, you could take a step back and see the circles under my eyes, the stress in my face, and the vomit on my shirt.

So, yes, I did the unthinkable. I placed my shopping cart between our two fenders. I hope your Facebook post of the second photo you took of me, flipping you off, was worth it. #crazyfirsttimemom

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