If You're Going to Reproduce You Better Have a Sense Of Humor

If You're Going to Reproduce You Better Have a Sense Of Humor

So, maybe I took my eyes off of my son for 2 minutes. Maybe, just maybe, the other two adults that were with me did too. Maybe sometimes mommies and daddies do that. (And aunties too)

They take a quick break.

A break from watching their child's every stinkin' move.

And maybe, just maybe, it pisses some other holier than now parent off.

Maybe I did that.

But maybe it really didn't hurt anyone. Maybe it was actually so freakin' funny I dribbled pee-pee in my undies. Maybe just maybe you, the judgmental mom, sitting in the chair, scouring at me, could of found the humor in it.

After all, if you're going to reproduce, you better have a sense of humor.

Because when your kid gets stuck in a cat carrier at the zoo. It's pretty damn funny.

One minute he's playing on the floor at the make believe "Animal Hospital" at the Children's Play Zoo at Brookfield Zoo.  He's watching his cousins play doctor, using stethoscopes, and wearing lab coats. He spots a carrier. The carrier contains a penguin.

photo (88)


He pulls the penguin out.

photo (89)

And here between the discovery of the penguin and THIS, we looked away.

photo (90)


Yes, my son crawled into a medium sized pet transport carrier. He could not turn around, he could not bend nor re-align his body like a cat, and face the other direction.  The door served as a gateway in but quickly reduced the opening to half its size. He was in there for the long haul.

photo (91)

It was funny. REALLY funny.

I admit, a small moment of panic overcame me when I realized  the carrier's nuts and bolts were replaced with zip ties.


After all, small children shouldn't be exposed to such dangerous parts. It was at the point  I began to wonder the "what if".


What if I actually have to ask a zoo employee for scissors or a knife to cut my kid out of the carrier.


What if they freaked out, refused to help, and called the fire department.


Epic Parent Fail.

In that moment I pretended my child was an obese cat and with my veterinary skills, removed the door with force, flipped him on his belly, and while my sister held the carrier in place, snorting and laughing, I drug my 1 year old out of the plastic travel tote.

We all lived.

It's moments like these that we have to take it for what it's worth. An adventure. A memory. A story to laugh about for years to come. The evil eye and the judging from others is not necessary. For one day, it may be you.

After all, it's not everyday your kid gets stuck in a cat carrier at the zoo.

photo (94)



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