Three Keys to a Successful First Birthday

My little man turned the big O-N-E a couple of weeks ago. Of course, being our first born, we had to do all the new fad things you can find these days on that satanic website. You know, Pinterest. Well, actually I had to do them. Daddy Mayhem just goes along with it. He still doesn't get why we had to take newborn photos then again at 3,6, and 9 months. Men..... ;)

For me, the following three keys were important to me for a successful 1st birthday:

1) The perfect 1st birthday photos

2) The fun smash cake session

3) and of course the perfect birthday cake for his party

I started researching smash cake outfits on Pinterest and found an outfit I fell in love with via an Etsy store called Sprinkles of Love. Laura, the designer, is awesome! All items are made to order, and can be personalized to your heart's content, usually with no extra charge. She has about a 2-3 week turn around time but will take special requests for items that need to be completed sooner and will do her best to get the items to you. If she says the order will be there by a specific date, she will guarantee it will arrive in time. She was wonderful to work with and had our son's smash cake outfit completed and shipped in under two weeks after I requested it be done by his photo shoot. I was a little behind in finding the perfect outfit and she came to my rescue.

Next came the photo session itself. I used a local traveling photographer here in the Chi-town area. I called upon Laurel with Pink Sky Photography. Her prices are very reasonable and she will come to the location of your choice. Whether it be your home, a park, forest preserve, baby shower, bridal shower, etc. Laurel will be there! We asked Laurel to come to our home and we took some great shots in our yard as well as the local playground. She provides the props for the 1st birthday photos and even bakes and decorates the smash cake herself! She is very patient with children (our little guys was/is teething and just woke up from a nap...yeah, he was fun) and takes as much time as needed to get the perfect shot.

Next came the birthday party and the special cake for our guy! We decided upon an Elmo theme since Bubba Joe is totally into the little red monster. We called upon a local baker, Michelle, of Mickey's DeLites. She created the PERFECT Elmo cake!!! Boy, is this lady ta-len-ted!!! Even Elmo is edible!!! He's made of Rice Krispie Treats!!! Holy Moly!! What a delicious cake!! Everyone loved it! It was the perfect centerpiece for our little man's big day.

Of course there are a few things I learned about first birthday parties:

1) They are effing expensive and this is the last big bash he will have until he graduates from high school. From this point on, it's small barbeques and children's parties. Geesh!

2) NOTHING ever goes 100% right and spousal spats are indeed bound to happen.

3) A "no toys" disclaimer should have been written on the invitation. Holy hell, it looked like Santa Claus threw up in our living room!

All in all, it was a very successful first birthday!

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