The Newbies Guide to BlogHer13

The Newbies Guide to BlogHer13

I'm honest. I don't know what the hell I was thinking signing up for BlogHer13. I was just a newborn, 2 months old, when I decided to break out the big guns and $400 to attend the biggest blogging convention in the United States. I mean really. That was silly. Who the eff am I?

I guess I wanted to learn on two levels. One for my own personal blog and two for the blog "in the works" at the animal hospital where I hold a real job as an office manager and Certified Veterinary Technician. Go big or go home right?

To be honest, I'm scared shitless. I am just a speck of dust in this field compared to some of the seasoned bloggers out there that the world worships. But then I thought, I've been around this block a time or two. A conference is a conference. Same dance, different song.

Here are 10 things I've learned from attending Veterinary Conferences that I'm taking to BlogHer:

1) Business casual means business casual. It does not mean casually wear short shorts, tank tops, pajama bottoms, and Harley Davidson t-shirts that show your business.

2) We are all there to learn, to better ourselves, to network. Everyone is a newbie to some extent.

3) The exhibit hall is your friend. However, it is not the place to stock up on your favorite dog treats, cleaning supplies, notepads, and pens. A trip or two around the hall is expected. The 10th visit, vendors will recognize you. The person with the overstuffed bag is not cool. You look like a fucking hoarder plus you have to figure out how to get all that shit home.

4) After parties are cool. After parties that serve alcohol are better. The day after sucks if you've drank too much, peed your pants in public, and vomited in the hotel lobby. People WILL remember you.

5) Wear comfortable shoes. Nobody is looking at your feet unless you look unsteady in platform shoes and then they are just laughing at you.

6) Bus transportation to and from the conference site can be hot and smelly. Deodorize appropriately.

7) Just because you paid $400 to learn doesn't mean you paid $400 to eat well. Conference food sucks. Box lunches suck even more. Eat a good breakfast and bring a snack.

8) Bring a sweater. Conference centers always seem to have the central air set at "Arctic". Goosebumps and hard nips are no fun for hours upon hours.

9) If you are not from Chicago and just in town for BlogHer13, get out and enjoy our city if time allows. There is so much to see and do!!

10) Have fun! Seriously, when was the last time you got away from your spouse and kids for a whole day let alone a whole weekend? Order room service, watch bad TV, and enjoy getting that comfy bed all to yourself!



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