My Bifanual Son

My Bifanual Son

Bifanual:bi-fan-u-al (adjective) 1) a word used to describe a person or persons who cheers for both baseball teams of the city in which they reside.

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. My father is a Chicago White Sox fan. We were raised Sox fans. My grandmother (my father's mother) was a Chicago Cubs fan. She too lived on the south side of Chicago. How does this happen??

Who honestly gives a rat's ass?

As a child we attended both Sox and Cubs games. I was a baseball fan. I enjoyed watching both teams at both parks. However for me, I loved Wrigley Field. My grandmother adored Harry Carey and loved when he sang the 7th Inning Stretch. It rubbed off on me. There is nothing like it and no one can ever compare to it. I loved taking the El to the games and I adored the players. 1984-1987 were amazing years for me as a Cub fan.

I also enjoyed Comiskey Park. It was the Harold Baines and Carlton Fisk era. The park was closer to our home than Wrigley so Comiskey was our field of choice when it came to games.

Do I like them both equally? No.

The Cubs will always have a special place in my heart.

Do I dislike the Sox? No. I am a baseball fan.

The crosstown rivalry between the Cubs and the Sox fans is beyond ridiculous. The bashing and name calling makes me sick. The behavior at the Crosstown games from both sides is asinine. The teams both SUCK. Oh yes, I know, remind me again how the Sox won a World Series. Big freakin' whoop! You sucked before then and you have sucked since then. Again, you both SUCK.

So, explain to me how my son wearing a Sox jersey in a photo can fuel the "take that off he is going to turn into a southside heathen" comment or when her wears a Cubs shirt it fuels "Oh no! Poor child! You are going to turn him gay!". Seriously people???

It's a fucking shirt! And he is just a little boy whose parents dress him. He doesn't have choices. There is nothing more annoying to me than sharing an adorable photo of your son to the Facebook world only for it to turn into a 30 comment thread on the Sox vs. Cub debate. Please people, grow the eff up.

His father is a Sox fan and his mother is a Cubs fan but we get along and don't despise the other team and we certainly do not spend our time ragging on each other about which is better. We support our city. We have chosen to raise a bifanual son until he is of proper age to chose.

99% of the Chicagoland population cannot tell you WHY they hate the other team. They just do. I mean really, what has either team done to you personally? It's the game of baseball. Enjoy it as that instead of all the hate. You might learn a thing or two.



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