Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood??

Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood??
This is our park...cue crickets....

I miss my friends. I do. I miss the freedom to get up and go, meet for a drink on a whim, or take in a last minute concert. I miss the adult conversation. I guess that's one of the reasons I started this blog. At least someone will read what I write and relate or commiserate with it.

When we moved to my neighborhood last spring, I was filled with excitement. Our home is just steps away from a beautiful park and play area. What better place to raise a child! A family friendly area with lots of children hopefully around my son's age.


I swear I live on the lamest block EVER. There are literally no children. When we go to the park it is just us. Occasionally we will get a drifter or two. You know, those from a few blocks away who walked over to play. They know other drifters and have their own special drifter handshake. They don't socialize with the locals.

I was secretly hoping that I could sit at the park with my son and stalk other moms. I was hoping to make new friends. Friends Daddy Mayhem and I could hang out in our backyard after the kids went to bed and checked in via the baby monitor just a few yards away. There is no one.

I've been to other neighborhoods where moms dump their kids on other moms and no one minds, a babysitter is always close by, and the wine among neighbors always flows. Seriously, we moved into the Twilight Zone. Suspiciously quiet and zombie like. The most excitement we have is a man who walks around with a parrot on his shoulder and openly hates Obama. Fun Times!!!

So now I've enrolled my son in Parent/Tot swim lessons at the local park district in hopes of teaching him how to swim and meeting new people. I think it is important for our family to make friends especially my son. I believe in socialization and peer interaction. I believe mommies and daddies need other mommies and daddies. Who else can we vent to and commiserate with in this crazy journey called parenthood?

How did you meet new moms?


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