The Only Parent's Mid-Life Crisis

The Only Parent's Mid-Life Crisis

In life we all go through our ups and downs. I have been feeling a wee bit out of sorts these last few months on which direction to take in my life. I tried something last fall that blew up in my face. I am proud that I tried but the aftermath sucks. So, here I am stuck.

I am back doing the same job I was doing before and it pays the bills but I am unsatisfied in the career. I debated on pursuing my Masters and going back to corporate America. However, when I researched how unhappy American employees are in their positions, I about broke out in hives.

I am not sure if this is a mid- life crisis or what. I have absolutely no idea what I should do and I all I  really want to do is curl up on the couch and drink wine and eat brownies. Unfortunately, I cannot do this because I have a small child who depends on me. I cannot fall apart and have a pity party for one. This is one of the negatives about being an only parent.

When you have a live in dad, you can have a meltdown and they can take over. No one is here to take over. I also do not have the involved dad who has my child every other weekend and a day during the week. So, I can't even look forward to a freak out session when she is not here and is at her dad's house.

I have people that I talk to and sympathize with but they can't truly understand because they are not single parents. Nor are they the ONLY parent.  I have to provide a stable environment for my child in order for her to continue to flourish.

So my mid life crisis is in limbo. Any other only parents feeling this way?



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