Vacation for Two?

Vacation for Two?

To vacation or not to vacation with a toddler. That is my question for the day. I am in desperate need to recharge my batteries. I have hit a few bumps as of late and really could use an escape. The problem is I wouldn't really get a break if I go on vacation with my daughter. I would still be in full time, single parent mode on a beach chasing a toddler. That is not relaxing at all. What is relaxing is sipping on a giant margarita while getting a full body massage by a half naked man.

Hypothetically, let's say I could manage to get a relative to watch her while I go off and unwind. How long could I really stay on vacation? Probably just a couple of days if I am lucky. Which really isn't long enough for me to recharge and pull myself out of this funk. Besides, who really wants to be with someone else's toddler?  Toddlers are flat out crazy. I would also feel tremendously guilty for leaving my offspring with someone else for any length of time.

So, now I am back to taking my toddler with me on vacation. It would be our first vacation and that could be a lot of fun. First trip on an airplane and to a beach. First time staying on a resort. We could stay gone for an entire week. This could be fun, right?? Right????

Are there any single moms out there who have faced this dilemma? How did you handle it? Where did you go?


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