We as Chicagoans have a love/hate relationship with winter. We love to bitch about it yet most of us have lived here our whole lives and act like its a big surprise when it creeps up every December. It's going to happen people, get a grip.

For me, I personally love to hate it. I truly get excited when I hear of the first snowfall. There is something magical about it. The tiny little flakes that turn into a beautiful shower of white fluffiness. It is romantic and beautiful. And then you have to sit in six hours of rush hour traffic because assholes in Chicago freak the "F" out like they've never ever driven in it before. This happens every year like clock work. The whole city comes to a standstill. I experience this every winter and I am never prepared.

Never prepared to starve to death on my way home. Never prepared to have to pee so bad I can barely hold it in. Last year I was pregnant during the first major snowfall. It took me nearly 4 hours to get home from work when I work 10 miles from home. Those that have been pregnant before or have dealt with a pregnant woman know what it's like to have to pee and pee RIGHT NOW. Yeah, I'm honest, I may or may not have peed my pants. It's not like you can just get out of your car, in a snow storm, on the highway. Believe me, I considered squatting right there on I294.

My all time favorite winter blunder happened several years back. I decided to go to the store on my lunch break before the snow hit to get a few items. Two of these items were rolls of raw chocolate  chip cookie dough. I planned to bake cookies that night for a co-worker's birthday the following day. As I drove home from work at 4 pm, the snow began to fall at an incredibly fast rate. The traffic literally just stopped. One hour turned into two, two into four, and four into six. At 8:30pm, I was so damn hungry, I broke into the first roll of cookie dough. I told myself, "just one bite". One bite turned into two, two into ten, ten into...GONE! I ate an entire roll of chocolate chip cookie dough. Needless to say, I was so sick that night.

Besides the horrible drivers and wind chills below zero, winter brings a time for closeness. I enjoy staying home and cuddling with Daddy Mayhem on the couch, renting movies, and vegging out. I like to watch the snow fall and laugh as I watch Daddy Mayhem clearing the walk and drive while I enjoy the warmth of my robe and fuzzy slippers. Hey! He wanted that brand new snow blower, not me!


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    I was nodding my head through this, in total agreement with you. It IS beautiful. If you can stay inside and peep it through a window.

    Peeing your pants and eating an entire roll of cookie dough while stuck in traffic for hours is not only acceptable, it's expected.

  • I used to live near Chicago and I remember the winters there. That lake effect snow is something else!

  • People in Chicago become complete idiots in the winter which is why I avoid the expressways like the plague!! I do enjoy a hot beverage while the man cleans off the truck!

  • Okay dont see my comment so I will post another.
    Basically winter in Chicago sucks!

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