What New Year's Eve Looks Like to New Parents

What New Year's Eve Looks Like to New Parents

Last year at this time we were celebrating my newly announced pregnancy. Our New Year's Eve was spent at a relative's bash and it was a shitload of laughs and fun. Granted, I was tired as hell but I powered through the night until 3 am. I was the designated driver for Daddy Mayhem and his best bud. I will admit it was a little difficult watching everyone get shit faced but I had precious cargo on board and it made it worth the dry spell.

Fast forward to this year...what has really changed? Well, I'm not pregnant for starters but now the precious cargo is 6 months old. I'm still the designated driver because Daddy Mayhem certainly isn't going to get up in the middle of the night with Bubba Joe especially when he is just putting himself to bed. Plus,one of us has to be the responsible adult and not drink and drive and I don't really care much for hangovers.

So this year, instead of going to a NYE party, we have settled on a quiet night at home with just a few friends. No party hats, no horns, and no Dance Party USA. Sure, the men will get hammered and the women will get a little buzzed but the days of crawling in at 4 am are over. Instead we will settle for eating chips and dip, playing silly drinking games, eating frozen pizzas, and wearing sweatpants while we hover over the baby monitor hoping our laughter doesn't wake up the kid. The party will end at 1 am and we will be fast asleep by 1:15 am. Yep, we are officially "one of them"....parents.


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