Tone Deaf

Tone Deaf

I played Mozart and other classical music while I was pregnant. I also listened to pop, country, and R&B. So, naturally my toddler loves to listen to all kinds of music and loves to dance and sing.

We watch the on demand music video station. She is beyond fascinated with Adele. She sits very still throughout the entire video of "Rolling in the Deep". She even on occasion will sing along. She can carry a tune and she does have rhythm. She also asks by name to watch "Party Rock" by LMFAO. She is so hilarious. She totally gets into the video and dances her heart off. She has to wear her pink boots with little tassels and ONLY  a Pull Up. I am not sure why she wears this get up. I'm hoping this isn't the sign of her future career. If she has her clothes on and I start the video she freaks out. I can not stop laughing when we do dance time.

Singing time is completely different. I hate when she wants to sing songs. I would much rather have a root canal and  gynecological exam over and over than sing with her. See my angel can sing, I can not. She yells at me when we sing. However she demands that I sing "row row row your boat" and "wheels on the bus" . When I start to sing all she does is scream, "No Mommy!" "Sing right!"

I tried to explain  that I can not sing nicely the way she can. She does not comprehend  that I am tone deaf. Her "dad's" family is distantly related to a famous country star. Her immediate cousins can sing very well and her great grandmother was an excellent singer. She thinks I should sing like her. And boy does she get crazy insane, music teacher angry, when I sound like a dying cat.

What does your child do better than you?


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