The "Dad"

The "Dad"
"When does the next bus leave?"

Single moms have a tough job. We not only have to be a great parent but we also have to be fantastic at keeping our mouths shut when it comes to "the dad" aka "the piece of shit who only worries about his penis". I am lucky that my daughter is young enough that she has no idea what type of dad she has in her life.

He started off fine, than took the bus to crazy Stupidville. Does his trip to Stupidville impact me? Nope. It only hurts her. Does he care? Maybe. However, lately it seems he may have boarded the bus back to reality and responsibility. I am not exactly sure if he grew tired of Stupidville or he was just lonely. Either way I have to deal with his return.
So, here I sit at a crossroads. I could be bitter and angry and not allow him to see my angel. This option would be very easy since I am already bitter and angry. Or I could make ridiculous requests in order for him to visit with her. This option is also very easy too, mainly it would be for my own amusement. Unfortunately, I have to think long term about my angel's feelings. I need her to see how her dad really is without my influence.

I will have to put away my voodoo doll and super glue my mouth shut. Her dad is back in town.

How are other single parents dealing with the return of the "ex"?

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