Old Daycare, New Room

Old Daycare, New Room

As I previously blogged,  I have moved back to my previous city in hopes of getting my business back on track.  Fortunately, I was very lucky to secure a spot at my daughter's last daycare center. Thank God! However, I was a little disappointed that she is too old to be with her original teacher. My daughter had an amazing bond with this woman.

I signed my angel in and brought her down to her new room with her two new teachers. These ladies are very qualified and there are students in the room that my angel is familiar with so you would think I would be okay. Nope. I almost started crying. She is not with her original teacher. I loved that teacher. I feel like I just broke up with the love of my life.

I decided I needed to distract myself. So, I went to work. But then like an overprotective mom,  I left early so I could pick her up. I am so retarded. It's  not  like she hasn't been to daycare before. I need to get a grip!  I am way over reacting to the whole situation. My 41st birthday is coming up soon, maybe I am hitting early menopause. Or maybe I just need to relax. I know...I am probably just in dire need of a booty call.


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