Mirror Mirror on The Dressing Room Wall

Mirror Mirror on The Dressing Room Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall...damn you!  The harsh reality hit me recently as I tried on clothes at a local store.  6 months post baby and the extra weight is at a standstill.  Granted, I didn't gain a Jessica Simpson amount of weight. I was really good during my pregnancy and I fell right in the healthy weight gain range. The problem is, minus 10 pounds, that shit is still here. Granted, I haven't gained a pound since my son was born but I sure haven't lost the baby flab.

I'm a big boned girl. Even at my fittest, cycling or working out at the gym 6 days a week, the scale always read a sad number. I never "looked" what the scale said which I guess is a good thing.  Today, is another story. I look it, I feel it, and I hate it. How do you change it? Exercise and eat right, of course. Where do mom's find the time? Between a full time job, house, baby, dinner, and dogs when does one exercise? At midnight??

I'm tired of people telling me " it took 9 months to gain the weight, it will take 9 more to loose it". I call bullshit! Let's face it, I'm going to be 40 in 3 weeks. Unless you have devoted your life to being fit or you have really good genes, of which I have neither, the flab is more than likely here to stay. So I'm told to "embrace" it. "Love" my curves. "You're a mom! ". Oh go fuck yourself. You are a size 2 and have never worked a day in your life to keep that size. Congrats on your fantastic gene pool.

But I guess it's time I man up and make the best out of the new me. Daddy Mayhem loves me just the way I am and is always making silly passes at me or oogling me even when I think I look my worst. My son only knows me as his adoring mom and my dogs only know me as, well, their adoring mom. I am not judged in my house so why should I keep judging myself?

Sure, come Spring I'm going to hit the bike trail but I'm not going to beat myself up if I only manage it once or twice a week. After all, I am a mom.  I'm going to take walks with my son and chase him around the yard this summer. I'm going to stop looking at other moms and wish I could have their figures and wardrobes. It is what it is. I'm me. But, they really need to do something about those dressing room mirrors!

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