Go The "F" to Sleep- The Sequel

Go The "F" to Sleep- The Sequel

STAY The Fuck Asleep


Just when I thought we had an understanding and at night no more you weep,

Suddenly my little angel won’t STAY the fuck asleep.

Mommy’s really tired, the bags are growing steep,

Please do me a favor kid, STAY the fuck asleep.

Your diaper is dry, your tummy is full, and your blanket covers your feet,

Are you  fucking kidding me?? Why won’t your STAY the Fuck asleep?

Up four times in one night, mommy can’t take one more peep,

I'm begging you little asshole, Please  STAY the fuck asleep!

Daddy is full of it.  He says he can’t hear you,  he’s too busy counting sheep.

I may not know what to do with you but I know I how to make him STAY the Fuck asleep.


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