Class of 1990

Class of 1990

John Hughes was an amazing man and created some of the best movies EVER. The Breakfast Club is by far one of my favorites and when I heard Theme Thursday was paying homage to this great flick I was thrilled to get involved. The topic for today is, which member of the Breakfast Club were you most like in high school? Cue crickets.

I honestly really didn't fit into any one particular of these character roles. Let me break it down for you.

The Brain: Yes, I was smart. I was on the honor roll a time or two. But you wouldn't catch me dead anywhere near the science club, the chess club, the math club, or the physics, physics club.

The Jock: Sure, I liked sports. I went to varsity football games, wrestling meets, and baseball games.  I wore my friend's  football jerseys on game days. However, I did not participate in high school team sports.

The Princess: Um, no. The only thing Claire and I had in common was our attraction to bad boys and virginity.

The Criminal: I was never in trouble per say in high school but boy did I have a mouth on me. (Still do) I definitely had no problem telling my geometry  teacher to go "F" off or asking my biology teacher if Barry Manilow knew he raided his closet. I had my silly moments of getting into trouble like egging people's houses or emptying ketchup packages into mailboxes. I got drunk at high school dances in the bathroom via hairspray bottles full of liquor from my parents bar (sorry mom) and went to parties I wasn't supposed to be at.

The Basket Case: Other than being the plain Jane that ended up going to prom (as friends only) with the Homecoming King, I don't have anything in common with this one.

I knew each and every one of these characters in high school. I was a friend to everyone. I knew everything about everyone. I guess that makes me Carl the Janitor.  I was the eyes and ears of the institution.



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