Breast is Best???

Breast is Best???

I am sure all toddlers are obsessed with their body parts. However, my little explorer is completely fascinated by boobs. Yes, breasts. Every woman's boobs not just mine. Being her mother, I expect her to cop a feel on me but she seems to be doing it to everyone. She's turning into a little molester.

The director of her daycare had to pull me aside to inform me of her transgressions. Apparently, for the last two weeks she has been rubbing different teachers' boobs. She also fell the need to tell the teachers they have nipples. She proceeded to  inform them and her classmates that she has boobs too.  I was completely shocked and horrified by such a statement. I had no idea her curiosity has escalated to stalker level. All I could do was apologize and I told the director I would start teaching my daughter about privacy.

I was discussing this with my  friend and she told me my obviously obsessed  daughter was oogling her boobs, her daughter's boobs and her daughter's friend's boobs. What?? Oh and she touched all of them as well.  Then she tells me my adorable 2 year old lifted up her own shirt and said "my boobs!"

I am beyond stunned about this boob interest. I do not want to turn into a screaming banshee and give her a complex about body parts. I also am not exactly sure what to tell people when she molests them.

All I can say is "huh?"


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