Brain Fog-Mommy Brain Strikes Again!

Brain Fog-Mommy Brain Strikes Again!

I think I am losing my mind. I am blaming all of this on my toddler. Some may think this is cruel, it is not. It is accurate. I can't remember half the shit I am suppose to do. I even write it down or put it my calendar and I still manage to forget.

I was suppose to meet a client. I forgot to do that. I can't find important tax papers.  I have a filing cabinet for all important papers. Are the documents there? No, they sprouted legs and walked off.

My mind was sharp pre-child. It became a little foggy when she was born. However,  this toddler stage has just shut down most of my brain. I am running on pure auto pilot. With her acting cute and cuddly one minute and 5 seconds later acting like an escapee from the asylum for the criminally insane, I can't keep up with day to day tasks. Hence, the reason I am losing my mind. To make matters worse, I ran out of my ultra go to calming medicine, Moscato.

Someone please send me a bottle or two of wine, I would be eternally grateful.


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