And So It Begins.....

And So It Begins.....

So my infant son has discovered his penis....

Things are certainly looking up! My son just turned 6 months old and to celebrate his half birthday, he discovered his penis. It is all very innocent yet strangely disturbing at the same time.

Having a son, I knew one day this would come. I just assumed, more hoped, that I would find his stack of Playboy magazines under his bed when he was thirteen and realize my son was turning into a man. But not my boy. He had to start early.

He arrived early, he stopped nursing early, he started solids early, slept through the night, rolled, and cut two teeth, all early. Why not add masturbation into the mix? It's not like he has anything better to do on the changing table besides roll off.

There he was naked from the waist down, feet in the air, grabbing his feet and toes. Suddenly his hand slips off his foot and boom! direct hit onto the penis. He looks at me as to say "hmm, what's this?" and instantly begins strumming his little Peter like a banjo.

At first I was stunned and then I got more embarrassed than a teen girl with her first period. I immediately yelled for Daddy Mayhem to come take a look at what his son was doing. We both stood there watching and just laughing. The more we laughed, the more he smirked, gurgled, and cooed and the more he played with himself. Suddenly he had a baby woody and we both freaked. We quickly diapered and prayed that was the last of his discovery phase.

Try again.....he's addicted to his peeper now. I guess it's a man thing.


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