Toddlers and Technology

Toddlers and Technology

I am 40  years old and my daughter is 2 years old. She somehow managed to unlock my smart phone. I have a number lock on the phone in order to prevent her from calling China. It didn't work.
She was jabbering away and I didn't think anything about it since I put the lock code on it. I decided to go to Walmart with my phone to print off pictures. So, I checked my phone to see which pictures I would print. I was totally stunned when I looked and it said "no data" . I thought to myself this stupid fucking, retarded phone. So, I pulled the SD card out and put it in an old unused phone. I waited and this phone said "no images". I just stared at the phone. I didn't drop my phone in water. Nothing happened to my phone.

I was sitting on my couch dumbfounded and than it hit me. My sweet little angel was playing with my phone. She somehow managed to unlock my phone and delete all the information off my SD card. She is only 2!! I am NOT savvy in the field of technology. I have no idea how to recover my pictures. I want the pictures BACK. So, I ask my little angel if she knew how to fix my phone, she shakes her head no and laughs. So much for the next Steve Jobs.

What technologically advanced oops  has your child caused?


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