The Forgotten Mother

The Forgotten Mother

As the sadness unfolds over the Sandy Hook massacre, I cannot help to think about the person everyone seems to have forgotten about. Adam Lanza's mother. The woman who gave birth to him, cared for and nurtured, and in the end lost her life to.

I am certain his mother feared her son. His mental illness did not just appear over night. I am certain like all mothers she tried to protect her son from outsiders and judgement over his disability. I'm certain she hid her pain from the world. I wonder if she knew this was about to unfold. I wonder what makes a son brutally execute his own mother by shooting her in the face as she sleeps.

I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to give birth to a child, love and protect him, only for him to turn on you. There are so many unanswered questions and like many fellow bloggers, it's giving us writer's block.

Everyone is making this a gun control issue. This is not about guns. This is about a boy who suffered from mental illness. A mental illness our health care system surely fought to cover. A boy, turned man, who for reasons unknown murdered his own mother, 28 innocent people, and then took his own life.

The nation cannot stop talking about this horrific incident. They call him evil. I'm not denying what he did was certainly that. However, if only our society could stop judging children with mental disabilities, making mother's feel as if they have failed as a parent, and alienating such children, evil might take a step back and make different choices.


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