Poo on You Potty Training!

Poo on You Potty Training!

I swear to God potty training is such a pain in the ass and anyone who tells you differently is a big fat liar. My sweet little angel has decided she wants to be a big girl and go potty on the toilet. She wants to wear panties that have "Hello Kitty" on them. She tells everyone "I have a kitty" and points to her private area. Cue looks of horror and disgust.  Since she is only two years old  and can not articulate exactly what she means, I am explaining over and over about her potty training endeavors. I am so sick of the dirty looks I am about to bitch slap someone.

As we all know children are not trained in an hour. We have been having accidents. I am carrying more stuff with me now than I did when she was a newborn. I don't get mad but I made the rule that  if she has two accidents in one day than she wears Pull Ups the rest of the day. When that happens she argues with me. "No mommy, no Pull Up" . In my head, I am thinking if she is arguing with me now, she is going to be a terror in 10 years.

Of course there are days she goes on the toilet without accidents. So, first time moms with toddlers,  at the end of a trying day of potty training,  pop open your wine bottle and pour yourself a glass. You're gonna need it!


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