Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites

I started brushing my daughter's teeth over the summer. I would put toddler toothpaste on her tooth brush and have her open her mouth. She was so cooperative and excited about the toothbrush. I would give her a high five when she would sit still for me. Than she turned on me quicker than a raccoon with rabies. She no longer wanted me to brush her teeth. Imagine that a toddler with a fierce independent streak.

The teeth brushing routine now takes forever. First, I put toothpaste on her her toothbrush and she basically chews the brush like a dog does to a rawhide. Than she has to brush my teeth for me. It is a freaking nightmare. She usually ends up poking my cheek or tries to shove the brush down my throat. After that I can finally brush her teeth and mine.

Since we have established this new routine I have had to buy 5 toothbrushes in the last 2 months. I guess I shouldn't be too upset since I can actually get her to brush her teeth. Maybe she will be a dentist!


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