My Love/Hate Relationship with Reality TV

My Love/Hate Relationship with Reality TV

I'm not a fan.  I think almost every reality show is stupid. But I will be honest, I do love a good train wreck and Reality TV certainly delivers.

Take Tori and Dean for example. How fucking stupid can two people be. They are totally meant for each other. She gets knocked up literally the moment she pops kid #3 out of her vagina. You would think Papa Spelling had to give her some sort of birds and bees talk as a teen. Clearly she didn't listen.

The Kardashians..enough said.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette- your success is like 1%. Time to hang that shit up. Although, the train is coming down the track and the brakes are completely shot. Choo choo!

Jersey Shore- a brain cell is lost each minute you watch. This is a train on train collision if I've ever seen one.

For each time I've been sucked into a reality show, I lose an hour of my life I will never get back. An hour I cannot help but stare in awe.


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  • LMAO!!! I love it!! My friend forced me to watch some real house nonsense and I was staring at it with my mouth hanging open like the idiot I was becoming!! Mindless bullshit, I guess you need it every now and then *shrugs*

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