Hotel Room....For One.

Hotel Room....For One.

As we wrap up the hustle and bustle and stress of the holidays, I've been silently wishing, now almost on a daily basis, for just one night alone. No Daddy Mayhem, no Bubba Joe, and no dogs. I've checked into the Four Seasons in my mind and checked out of reality.

Alone time? Yes please!

1) A clean, somewhat (I know they are gross ) sterile hotel room. No baby toys, dog hair, and dirty dishes.

2) A hot shower without interruption.

3) Better yet, a hot bubble bath with wine and my IPod...Julia Roberts style.

4) Dress in pajamas that don't have baby drool or vomit on them.

5) Climb into a queen, preferably king size bed, and lay straight in the middle of it and do an imaginary snow angel.

6) Be in TOTAL control of the remote control and watch whatever the hell I want. Lifetime? Uh Duh.

7) Order room service. Eat desert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Preferably cheesecake or key lime pie. Don't judge me.


9) Write my blogs uninterrupted. Surf  the web, Facebook, Twitter, and read other people's blogs. Read a book or magazine.

10) Call home,check in, miss my family, and start 1-9 all over again.


What would you do?


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