From Teen Stalker to Obsessed Mommy-A Review of Richard Marx's Performance at Park West

From Teen Stalker to Obsessed Mommy-A Review of Richard Marx's Performance at Park West

I started my love for him in 1987. I was a freshman in high school when "Don't Mean Nothing" was released. He was "totally hot", mullet and all. And what an awesome mullet it was.  I'm referring to Chicago's very own Richard Marx.

Confession time: I have been to every live concert he has ever performed in Chicago. I've even been to his friend's shows, Keith Urban and the band Vertical Horizon, where he had guest appeared on stage. I once met him briefly at a local festival and I was so tongue tied all I could muster out was "I loved you my whole life!". Jackass! Yes, I am a teen stalker turned obsessed mommy. I love Richard Marx.

He is one of the most talented artists you will ever see. He is a singer/ songwriter and not only has his own recording career but writes and produces for some of the most popular talent there is today. Does Daughtry ring a bell?

He is an incredible live performer whether with a full band, orchestra, or by himself acoustically or unplugged. He is entertaining and comedic. His live shows make you laugh and sing along.

My best girlfriend and I attended his acoustic show last night at the Park West. The venue is very small and intimate and great for artists that want to connect personally with their followers. Richard played for two hours. And even though he was battling a cold, he sounded great as ever. He played many of his greatest hits, songs he wrote for other artists, he dabbled in country music, and introduced songs from his brand new Christmas album. He even did a wonderful tribute to the Sandy Hook victims and survivors with his 3 adult boys. It was very beautiful and touching.

To say this man is talented is an understatement. It truly is a shame his music is generally only found on lite rock stations. However, when I hear a Keith Urban or Daughtry song he wrote  on the radio and reach number one on the charts, I can't help but smile. Next time he's in town, buy a ticket. You won't be disappointed.


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