Jenny McCarthy 'Dips' Into Role as Host of New Vh1 Show

Jenny McCarthy 'Dips' Into Role as Host of New Vh1 Show

Featured on the cover of the February 3rd issue of SPLASH,  Jenny McCarthy takes to the pages, revealing details about her new quirky show format  for Vh1's The Jenny McCarthy Show (go-go dancers?) and about her new life in Chicago with her son. CHI-lebrity of course scored some of her most memorable quotes before it goes on sale.

On her new show: “I can’t fake anything. Here’s me, here’s all of me. I am smart, I am dumb, I am secure, I am insecure. I’m all of those things, and hopefully people will see that.”

On life in Chicago with son, Evan: “The whole goal was to move out here so he could have friends — he didn’t have any in LA,” she says. “So now we live next door to my best friend Julie and her three boys, and my friend Colleen, and when I’m gone, he has his friends and that’s the way it should be."

On moving the show to hometown, Chicago: “If my show is a real success, it’s coming here and they know it. By the end of the summer I’d love nothing more than to be shooting ‘The Jenny McCarthy Show downtown.”

Read more of the article in SPLASH.

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