Beck's Sapphire Launches Pop-Up Jewelry Store on Michigan Avenue

Beck's Sapphire Launches Pop-Up Jewelry Store on Michigan Avenue

Who doesn't love a little bling and beer?

If you have walked down the Magnificent Mile lately, then you might have wondered what has recently taken over 840 N. Michigan Avenue. Opening a pop-up “jewelry store”, Beck's Sapphire is fashionably celebrating the latest innovation in high-end beer. The space will host a series of private events in the coming weeks with the brand already pulling out all the stops for the invitation-only private kick off event CHI-lebrity had the pleasure to attend with acclaimed indie rock/house band Hey Champ.

Beck's Sapphire opened a similar space just off Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and plans to open additional spaces in the coming days. The spaces are all found in the country’s most prized real estate locations, including SoHo in New York City and along South Beach in Miami.

The pop-up “jewelry store” on Michigan Avenue showcases an art installation designed by Moritz Waldemeyer, the famed German designer and engineer. The space features a clean, modern aesthetic, interspersed with the exclusive artwork designed by Waldemeyer, whose work represents a “fusion of technology, art, fashion and design.” Waldemeyer has worked with some of the most iconic names in entertainment, including Rihanna, U2, Ellie Goulding and many others.

The rest of the world will be introduced to Beck's Sapphire during the Super Bowl on February 3rd, the largest stage in advertising. Over 112 million consumers will view the ad on which features a surprising admirer and a special remix of a well-known ‘90s anthem.

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