"Suit Up" with Barney Stinson at 168 N. Michigan Avenue

"Suit Up" with Barney Stinson at 168 N. Michigan Avenue

How I Met Your Mother’s breakout character Barney Stinson will have a presence on Michigan Avenue, asking Chicagoans to “Suit Up” and take a photo with Barney wearing one of his iconic suits. At the How I Met Your Mother photo station (168N. Michigan Avenue) - a marketing partnership between Media Storm and My TVNetworks - Barney will appear onscreen as an image overlay, providing a countdown to give your best mug shot for the camera. Users will then be able to enter their contact info to receive their “suited up” photo and a link to share via social networking sites.

Additionally, users can “Play Pinball because Pinball is Awesome!” via touch interaction with a pinball table in a bar setting on an over sized digital display. Users will be able to control virtual flippers to hit the pinball and accumulate points. Objects to hit or avoid throughout the game can include popular phrases, words, hangouts, iconic objects, etc. from the series.

Let’s hear it for free entertainment!

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