Stars Show Love for Chicago during Lollapalooza's ck one color Music Lounge & It’s So Miami Oasis

Stars Show Love for Chicago during Lollapalooza's ck one color Music Lounge & It’s So Miami Oasis

Celebrities were all over the Hard Rock Hotel this weekend for Lollapalooza and music wasn't the only topic they were chatting about! CHI-lebrity got the inside details on how stars like Jenny McCarthy, B.o.B, Billy Dec, and Michelle Williams dished about Chicago.

We spotted Jenny McCarthy arriving at the ck one color Music Lounge in a gorgeous orange mini-dress (which she had purchased on her way), looking healthy and of course talking about the Windy City! Having just moved back to her native Chicago, the beauty mentioned that she didn’t want to raise her son in LA and was glad to be back. She was also overheard talking about how her boyfriend lives very close to her new home and how she was incredibly happy with him and her current life in general. While having ck one color cosmetics applied by a makeup artist at the event, she also dished on how she had recently gotten into yoga and was feeling very at peace as a result saying she had “followed her heart” and it had led her to the right place.

Destiny’s Child singer, Michelle Williams was also seen greeting fellow crooner, Ryan Cabrera with squeals of excitement and a giant hug in the It's So Miami Oasis. Ryan shared the enthusiasm, introducing her to his friend and Chicago Restaurateur and CHI-lebrity Billy Dec. Billy was later overheard telling her that a boat architecture tour was the best way to see Chicago, saying, “If you like nerd things like me.”

Also, at the It's so Miami Oasis lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, B.o.B was spotted drinking DISARONNO when being asked about how his love for Atlanta compares to other cities. He revealed, "Chicago's up there. Such a cool place. New York City on the otherhand, now that's a place I can't stand." Ouch! Yet, he was quick to add that the fans there are "Some of the best in the world."


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