Exercising in Louboutins? Yes, please!

Exercising in Louboutins? Yes, please!

As the 1st Chicago facility to provide bioDensity™ and Power Plate® workouts to the public, Break4Health (35 W. Wacker) is changing the way women work out. Imagine not breaking a sweat while boosting your metabolism, creating a tremendous increase in energy, and sculpting a beautifully toned body.

Yes, ladies it's true! Perfect for fashionistas and business women on the go, the real treat is the short time the exercise takes– ten minutes a week with no need to even change clothes (or heels!).

To celebrate the style and the convenience of using bioDensity™and Power Plate®, Break4Health's owner Jenny Mandel launched the campaign Health in Heels with Jenny wearing twelve of her favorite styles, ranging from black suede Balenciaga platforms to bright red patent leather Gucci pumps.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's exercise in some Louboutins!



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