Preview: Jennifer Morrison's March Michigan Avenue Magazine Cover

Preview: Jennifer Morrison's March Michigan Avenue Magazine Cover

The March issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine is definitely a must read this month with "Once Upon a Time" actress and Chicago-area native, Jennifer Morrison.

This CHI-lebrity and former "House" and "How I Met Your Mother" co-star opens up about her early days in the Windy City, dealing with painful public break-ups and whether or not she, like her latest television show endorses, believes in fairy tales. Morrison also reveals some very interesting “did you know” facts, including how she earned an Associate Producer credit on the hit TV series "Glee" by bringing an early draft of the original script to friend and show creator Ryan Murphy.

Keep reading for an exclusive excerpt from her cover story!

Morrison discussing her early years in Chicago, growing up in Arlington Heights, attending Loyola University and being an ensemble member in the famous Steppenwolf Theater:

“I wouldn’t want to have started out anywhere else,” she says. “We’d pack snacks in our little purses and go see the high school musicals at Prospect (High School),” she says. “It was a big deal.” She continues saying how she worked really hard to maintain an acting career while also earning an English degree at Loyola (which she did in just three years) “I’d go in to my college advisors and explain that we had to restructure my classes,” she said. “I showed them what I wanted to do, and they’d say, ‘We had no idea that was even possible!’ I became very creative when it came to my scheduling.” Her one regret with the city from whence she came was spending time there when she was still in her “starving actor” phase. “People ask me all the time about which amazing restaurants they should go to, and I’ve got nothing. I could tell you to get a great $1.50 slice of pizza at this little place across the street from Loyola, but that’s it.”

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