CHI-lebrity Style File: Ryan M. Beshel of Agency Galatea & The Bowtie Memoirs

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Recently honored by as one of "Chicago's Hottest 30 Under 30", picking the always stylish and just gosh darn fabulous Ryan M. Beshel was a no brainer for the latest edition of the CHI-lebrity Style Files. Ryan, known for his signature style and impeccable taste, serves as the Director of Runway for Agency Galatea, truly bringing his love for the fashion industry to life. When he is not discovering the next great model to hit the catwalk, you can catch Mr. Beshel as a journalist chronicling his city adventures on his blog The Bowtie Memoirs and serving as the publicist for the Chicago Red Dress Party. Plus, he is even Chief Wordsmith for The Darling Company, proving you can take Chicago by storm and look amazing too.

Describe your personal fashion philosophy.

Always dress yourself as you. I know this seems obvious, but I always try to dress in what makes me stand a bit taller and in what brings out the best of who I am. The bowtie has obviously become my brand, but it was never forced - it just seems to fit me and so I feel like Ryan when I wear one. I think my style is part Mad Men, part Mr. Rogers and a healthy dose of the dork I always was as a kid.

Bowties are the staple piece of your overall look. What inspired this trend and where do you shop for the best ones in the city?

The bowtie really adopted me. It all started at Fashion Focus Chicago in 2008 when I was covering the shows, way before 'The Bowtie Memoirs' came to be. I decided to wear a bowtie, as I thought it would help me stand out. Not a lot of men my age were really going towards that trend yet and so I went for it. After the first time getting in as press (one of the first times I ever knew myself as 'press'), I went back the second day in a bowtie and was instantly remembered. The woman said, "oh yeah - the bowtie guy - right this way." A light bulb went off in my head and I haven't stopped wearing my trusty accessory to events ever since.

As for where I get bowties, there are a few places. Often, I get them as gifts - which is always so cool. A new friend of mine named Stacie Randall recently started making custom bowties! She sent me a very cool red and maroon piece she made just for me. (Made my week!) I also know some fantastic guys that own an online store called the Fine & Dandy Shop ( - love their selection. There is also a stellar new collection of neckties and bowties (native to Chicago!) called Artfully Disheveled( that is owned by brothers, and my friends, Chris and Trey Berre. They started their first collection with just one bowtie, which I proudly own, but there is more to come from them!

How does your job influence your style?

I'd have to say that my career influences my style in one way: I believe your appearance can ultimately elevate your success and how the world of your work may perceive you. When I have clients in, I tend to dress to impress, as a well put-together man will be believed to be more put-together in his work. (Of course you have to then deliver that perception into reality.) I have a few sayings that I live by that may give some insight into the way I think about dressing when it comes to work and life:

1. 'If you dress like the CEO, people will think you ARE the CEO.' This has always been my rule since before graduation. As much as we all want to think that people don't judge based on looks - it's simply not true. In fact, I think it is human nature. If you have to, fake it til' you make it. The Universe will catch up with you eventually.

2. 'Everyday is an interview.' You never know who you are going to run into once you leave your front door. Always be prepared and live every day like you are going to a job interview. (Though, I must admit - I do have casual days and you may catch me walking around in a more relaxed flavor of attire.)

3. 'Always strive to be the best dressed at the party.' I mean - you can't go wrong here! If you put a little heart into what you are wearing - people will take notice. Always remember that you are representing your brand. What would your packaging say about you if you were a product sitting on a shelf? I hope mine says, "Expensive, but so worth it!"'


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  • Oh my, Brother! This is pretty "stellar"! Couldn't be more proud! Love you Ry!!!

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