Irrelevantly Relevant

Well we’re here.  It’s almost over.  In what easily has been the most drama-filled cluster-f@ck of a season for our beloved Bearsies in my lifetime, I can’t say I’m sad to see them go.  Enough ink has been spilled in the media covering all of the soap-opera antics that have come from Halas Hall I’m... Read more »

Fear Not Bears Fans, It's Almost Over

It’s been an interesting week in Chicago and the world at large, however as has all too often been the case here of late, I’ve found absolutely zero time to sit down and write about any of it.  I’m happy about our reaching out to Cuba to end the senseless fifty-year embargo and I’m sad... Read more »

Playing Out The Strings

So I hear the Bears have a game tonight?  That’s weird, I thought their season wrapped up right around when the college football season did.  Go figure.  I’m working on a longer post that I’ll have up tonight on a completely separate topic but for the time being I wanted to get my prediction in... Read more »
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All Hope Is Lost

It’s come to this.  I literally forgot there was a Bears game tonight until someone mentioned it at the office water cooler 15 minutes ago.  That says everything there is to say about where we’re at this year with the Bears.  And so it goes… Prediction: Dallas 30 – Bears 13 Bears Record: 5-7 Chi-Guy Record:... Read more »

And So It Ends

I’m sorry Bears fans but this is the letter that you didn’t want to receive – but you knew it was coming all the same.  The Bears season will be over before your dinner begins on Thursday. The post mortems will be written using statistic and metrics about trends that emerged throughout the year.  While... Read more »

I Think I’ve Got This Whole Thing Figured Out

In the never ending conundrum of whether life imitates art or art imitates life there is one thing I can say for sure – professional sports teams end up taking on storyboard narratives each season. The question is whether the story becomes self-apparent only after it’s been written or is there a chance that in... Read more »

We’ve Reached The Bottom Mr. Cameron

This past week I caught a 6am flight out of Chicago and headed down to New Orleans for work purposes.  While never excited to have to be anywhere at that time of the morning, it turns out that getting out of town before the Chicago media came alive Monday morning was the best thing I... Read more »

Prime For A Licking

Back before the season began I wrote a piece conveying my general disinterest, or perhaps the better phrase is lack of anticipation for this coming Bears season.  I don’t know if something just felt off before the ship left the dock or what was behind this sentiment but in many ways it persists today.  The Bears are... Read more »

Not Your Average Joe

Not Your Average Joe
On Monday November 3rd the Chicago Cubs will introduce Joe Maddon as their new manager.  This isn’t a new phenomenon as he will officially become the 56th man to hold the title for the club.  I’m sure at the introductory press conference for each of them, statements were made that conveyed an expectation to bring... Read more »

Pumpkin Art

Pumpkin Art
It’s jack-o-lantern night here at the Chi-Guy household and even when equipped with the most modern of super market purchased tools, my end product remains rudimentary at best.  In reality I don’t know that my pumpkin carving skills have evolved at all since I was twelve.  It’s really strange if you think about it.  I’ve... Read more »