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Culinary tourism? In Chicago, it’s not just for tourists.

Culinary tourism? In Chicago, it’s not just for tourists.
Today’s post is a special treat from Marlena Slowik, the Content Manager over at Zerve. She is a self-confessed foodie, ex-Chicagoan, and evangelist for offbeat exploration. Enjoy! There are two things that I know to be true about the Chicago Food Scene: it’s excellent and it’s diverse. Within a short ‘L’ ride from downtown everything from Ethiopian... Read more »

Design Inspiration from Bocas del Toro, Panama

Design Inspiration from Bocas del Toro, Panama
One of my favorite parts about traveling is soaking in the art and design of the different places I am visiting. Perhaps it’s being away from the rushed routine of normal life, or perhaps it’s simply seeing things for the first time, but whatever it is, my mind always seems particularly open – and keen... Read more »

The Bristol: A Win All Around

The Bristol: A Win All Around
From the very beginning I had a good feeling about the Bristol. My cousin and I were going to celebrate her upcoming birthday and, as is often the case with us, we waited until the very last minute to decide where we would go. I called the Bristol on a Thursday afternoon for a reservation,... Read more »

Why Your Hostess Must Be The Mostess

Why Your Hostess Must Be The Mostess
And now, a short rant…. Restaurants of Chicago: train your hostesses!  They’re often your first point of contact, and therefore your first line of defense, between your restaurant and your customer.  If your hostess sucks, the (now one time) customer’s entire dining experience can be tainted. All that effort you put into developing your menu?... Read more »
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    Chewables Chicago is dedicated to healthy eating in Chicago. To exploring the amazing and diverse food places Chicago has to offer without packing on the pounds. The majority of entries are challenges, restaurants reviewed for healthy and flavorful options. Of course, occasionally it’s worth going all out (hello Alinea), and the splurges entries ensure you know when. Sprinkled throughout are eating and fitness tips, recipes, and classic restaurant reviews.
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