The Thanksgiving Healthy Eating Poem

The Thanksgiving Healthy Eating Poem
Photo courtesy of Her Campus

T'was the season of Thanksgiving,
And all across the land,
Anticipation abounded,
For the holiday most grand.

Thoughts of turkey, stuffing, and pie,
Danced in our heads,
While notions of ruining our diets,
Filled us with dread.

'Cause Thanksgiving meals average,
3,000 calories,
Nearly a pound of weight, just one night,
Wrecking havoc on our bodies.

But how can you keep it all straight,
'Specially with so much dang food?
How about a stupid little poem,
To put you in the mood:

Let's start with the star of the show,
Succulent turkey meat,
Skip the legs, avoid the skin,
Think: breast is best to eat!

Eater beware of the stuffing,
Packed with starchy croutons,
Dense biscuits and cornbread, too,
Can made good intentions be gone.

Fill up instead on veggies,
Roasted in olive oil.
Or steamed (sans butter, cream, and cheese),
And your diet will not spoil.

Sweet 'taters are also fiber rich,
And calorie low,
But candy or top with marshmallows,
And thy efforts you have blown.

Calories lurk in the sugar,
Of canned cranberry sauce,
Try applesauce instead,
Or make homemade so you're the boss.

And what of the age-old decision:
Which pie do I eat?
Pecan or apple or pumpkin,
They're all so very sweet.

Choose pumpkin (it's a veggie!)
With beta carotene,
And the single crust (less fat),
Will help keep you lean.

Along with these suggestions,
It's best to keep in mind,
The fundamentals - PORTION CONTROL
Will help every time.

So have your pie and eat it, too
Remembering these easy tips,
You'll make great choices and have fun,
And then not feel like s**t.


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