Grilled Vegetable Pizza, aka the “Triple Threat” of a Homemade Dinner

Grilled Vegetable Pizza, aka the “Triple Threat” of a Homemade Dinner
Homemade Grilled Pizza

The other night, while I was wrapping up some work, the hubby pulled together one of the best meals I’ve had all summer, grilled vegetable pizza. Our sweet banana pepper (yes, just one, but we are some very proud sweet banana pepper parents) was finally ripe and we had a bunch of fresh basil. Such bounty served as inspiration for the hubby to whip up a healthy, quick (i.e. perfect for the weeknight), vegetarian meal.

First, he fired up the grill – hot. Then, he grilled the sweet banana pepper, along with two large Portobello mushroom caps and a sweet onion, cut into rings, that he had picked up at the store. After that, he removed the veggies (cutting the pepper and 'shrooms once cool) and placed thinly rolled out wheat dough (from Whole Foods, but Trader Joe’s also makes a good dough) directly on the grill. Once the bottom side was cooked, he flipped the dough, spread pizza sauce over the top, and then added the grilled vegetables, fresh basil, and a light sprinkling of mozzarella. A few minutes later, after the dough was fully cooked and the cheese melted, dinner was ready to go. And I had just finished up work (I know, I have impeccable timing).

Not to be overly dramatic, but this grilled pizza is what I consider the triple threat of a homemade dinner: it looks difficult, even though it’s super easy (no offense to my husband), you can use whatever fresh ingredients you have lying around, and it’s cheap. Oh, and it has the added benefit of really impressing your spouse. Seriously, I even offered to do the dishes.

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