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Grilled Vegetable Pizza, aka the “Triple Threat” of a Homemade Dinner

Grilled Vegetable Pizza, aka the “Triple Threat” of a Homemade Dinner
The other night, while I was wrapping up some work, the hubby pulled together one of the best meals I’ve had all summer, grilled vegetable pizza. Our sweet banana pepper (yes, just one, but we are some very proud sweet banana pepper parents) was finally ripe and we had a bunch of fresh basil. Such... Read more »

Healthy Eating Out: Italian

Healthy Eating Out: Italian
When it comes to eating healthy out, Italian food gets a particularly bad rap: pasta and bread and cheese, oh my! But I’m here to tell you that Italian food need not be the forbidden fruit or path straight to dieting hell. Rather, it’s just misunderstood. Strip away excessive American portions and alterations, and Italian,... Read more »

Culinary tourism? In Chicago, it’s not just for tourists.

Culinary tourism? In Chicago, it’s not just for tourists.
Today’s post is a special treat from Marlena Slowik, the Content Manager over at Zerve. She is a self-confessed foodie, ex-Chicagoan, and evangelist for offbeat exploration. Enjoy! There are two things that I know to be true about the Chicago Food Scene: it’s excellent and it’s diverse. Within a short ‘L’ ride from downtown everything from Ethiopian... Read more »

Does the Mug Make the Moscow Mule?

Does the Mug Make the Moscow Mule?
In bars throughout Chicagoland this summer, there is a new(ish) must-have drink: the Moscow mule. Served in a shiny, elegantly cool copper mug, Moscow mules are easy to spot. And they are everywhere. So why are Moscow mules so popular right now? Is it the conspicuous copper mug? Or is it something else? First, a... Read more »

How to get Jews to Synagogue? Go to Church.

While I absolutely love writing about restaurants and healthy eating, I’ve been known to occasionally rant post about other topics as well. My latest – How to get Jews to Synagogue? Go to Church – has just been published here at the blog!     Subscribe to Chewables Chicago! Just type your email address in the... Read more »
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