Suc(culent) It!

Suc(culent) It!

I know, terrible heading. I couldn't help it. It was just too easy.

Anyways….if a plant could be “in,” it would be succulents. Seriously, these little guys have been showing up everywhere the past year. And for good reason: they are incredibly hard to kill. They need some direct light, a little water, and good drainage. For those of us who tend to take care in planting and placement, but then often sometimes forget (or travel too much) to water, they’re perfect.

I bought two small succulents super cheap this past summer at Trader Joe’s and set them outside, where, unlike my other plants that suffered under the brutal Chicago drought (despite my best attempts to water regularly…really), they thrived. But with winter weather showing its ugly head, it was time to bring them inside and give them a new home.

About the same time I was thinking about what to do with the succulents, Target came out with these super cute Andy Warhol commemorative Campbell’s soup cans.

Campbell Soup Cans

I loved the cans, and I loved my succulents, and *!poof!* it was like a light went off: succulents in the Campbell cans. It was a match made in heaven (and yes, I am that girl who likes to set people up).

So, over the Thanksgiving holiday (aka time to get all those outstanding projects did), I got to work. First, I drained the four cans, being careful not to get soup or water on the labels so they wouldn’t fall off. Here’s a picture of the four drained cans, and all the leftover condensed tomato soup that the hubby and I are now working through (why hello tomato soup and grilled cheese).

Second, using the small knife of a wine opener, I made a hole at the bottom of each can to make sure there was sufficient drainage.

Third, it was time to plant. I filled each can with soil until it was about ¾ full. Because my two succulents had grown so much (clearly with little help from yours truly), I separated each one into two cans.

Finally, I planted the four plants in the four cans, filled with soil to the top, and watered well.  Here’s a picture of the succulents in their new indoor home.

And that white tray? $10 from HomeGoods, making this a super cheap – and super easy – project!

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