A Children’s Books Themed Baby Shower for a Book-Loving Family

A Children’s Books Themed Baby Shower for a Book-Loving Family

This past weekend, I threw a baby shower for one of my good friends. My co-conspirator planner and I had such a great time planning the shower, both because the shower was a (successful!) surprise (mom-to-be thought it was a later weekend and a much smaller affair), and because we came up with the perfect theme: both mama and papa love to read – no surprise considering she’s a journalist and he’s an author – so what better than to have a children’s books themed baby shower?!?

Each guest brought their favorite children’s book to help begin the baby’s library, and all the food was (surprise!) based on a book. Here’s the table spread (oh, and since the nursery colors are pink and green, you’ll see a lot of those colors, too):

And a few close ups.

Thanks to the mom and dad-to-be for letting me be a part of this special day….and to all the friends and family who helped pull off the event and the surprise!


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  • I love that, particularly because it brought back two fond memories. A group at work did throw me a baby shower where everyone brought books as gifts. It was wonderful, and so many of those books are still read frequently almost 4 years later. Also, the green eggs and ham reminded me of the Dr. Seuss themed party I threw for my boy's 3rd birthday.

    Books are great inspirations.

  • In reply to Kim Z Dale:

    Thanks, Kim! So great to hear the books are still being read. And I LOVE the idea of a Dr. Seuss themed party!

  • A fun idea for anyone who loves books, could also be a nice birthday party theme for an older child or dare I say it, an adult.

  • In reply to Michal Clements:

    You're so right! I would love a booked themed party! Thanks for the comment, Michal!

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