Up On a Roof at Homestead

Up On a Roof at Homestead
Bread Basket "Dip"

After my disappointing experience at Volo (see that post here), my faith in outdoor eating has been restored through the likes of Homestead on the Roof, an indoor/outdoor rooftop restaurant on top of the restaurant Roots, in West Town. While farm to table is undoubtedly the "in" menu du jour, Homestead truly practices what it preaches: it not only sources produce and meat, whenever possible, from local farms, but it has a 1,000 square foot organic food meadow, vertical gardens, and a living wall.

Homestead dishes are designed to share, which was just fine by me since I was (a) with a good friend, and (b) wanted to try everything. Fortunately, our knowledgeable and enthusiastic waiter made sure the items we ordered were coursed appropriately so that we had ample time to enjoy each one, and so that the dishes arrived lightest to heaviest. You know, so as to not offend our discerning palettes.

We began with the bread basket "dip," a rustic combination of hearty, baked to order baguette and yogurt cheese flavored with toasted peanuts, mint, sea salt, and luxurious extra virgin olive oil. Next we shared the mozzarella roulade, a bright pinwheel of smooth mozzarella cheese and potent basil topped with heirloom tomatoes.

Mozzarella Roulade
Mozzarella Roulade

For dinner, we tried the fish special, a pan seared mullet served with squid ink stained Israeli couscous, wasabi infused roe, and marshmellowy "food rocks." I think this was the highlight of the evening, although it's frankly hard to say, because it was all so good. We also had the yogurt stuffed lamb, which looked like falafel but tasted like a lamb burger, and was accompanied by crunchy garbanzo beans in sesame aioli. Finally, the exotic mushrooms we ordered as our side dish were quintessential delight and rounded out the night. We were too full to try dessert (despite the waiter's claim that the beer, bacon, bourbon, coffee, caramel, and chocolate cake was the best thing he'd ever had) or anything else for that matter, but I'll definitely be back for more. If the hubby is lucky, maybe I'll bring him next time!

Try Homestead at 1924 W. Chicago Ave.

P.S. Homestead's cocktails are delicious, too!





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