The List (aka Restaurants I Want to Try)

Because it would be impossible to remember all the Chicago restaurants I want to try (and because I am slightly OCD), I have a running list, aka The List, of places I want to try.  It comes in handy not just because I'm a food blogger, but because the question "Where should we go to dinner?" inevitably comes up....whether you're a food blogger or not.  And it's nice to not go to the same place all the time, even if that same place is pretty incredible.  The List is constantly evolving, with new restaurants being added and others being crossed off as I've tried them.  So help me out, what else should be added to The List?

The List:

Acadia - Ada Street - Au Cheval - Autre Monde - Barba Yianni - Bar Toma - Barrelhouse Flat - Belly Shack - Bento Box - Butcher and the Burger - Cai - Dante's Pizza - Fred's - Girl and the Goat - GT Fish and Oyster - Goosefoot - Great Lake - Izard - Jam - Jin Ju - La Humita - Lao Hunan - Las Penas - Letizia's Fiore - Libertad - Masa Azul - Ming Hin - Morso - Moto - Next - Ombra - Pleasant House Bakery - Pump Room - q - Reckless Records - Roka Akor - Rustic House - Saigon Sisters - Sepia - Three Acres - Urban Belly - Urban Union - Vera

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