I’m Thirsty!

I’m Thirsty!

As I restart my normal training post-race and post-cool down, running through the sluggishness that always seems to plague after a race, it’s hard not to notice a consistent element in each run: it is hotter than hell out there! Heat makes running a slog in and of itself, but I appear to be coupling the heat with a constant and desperate thirst. Instead of counting miles, my runs consist of jogs from water fountain to water fountain (perilously dodging speeding bikers) in a futile attempt to quench a thirst that never goes away.

So I am putting myself on Operation Drink, where I will shamelessly walk around life with my 24-ounce water bottle and force myself to drink. All day. The old rule is 8 cups (or 8 8-ounces) of fluid a day.  But between the heat and the exercise, I’m going for more….at least until I stop feeling thirsty. My goal for Operation Drink: 88 ounces per day. That’s the normal 64 ounces per day plus 24 more ounces. It is also 4 servings of my water bottle each day. Wish me luck!

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