Big Ten 10K

Big Ten 10K

Full disclosure: I did not go to a Big Ten school. In fact, my liberal arts college did not even have a football team. And it is for this reason I do not feel traitorous that I have adopted the hubby’s college football team as my own. Besides, our colors are very similar (although the hubby is always quick to point out that his colors are maize and blue - in that order - and my college’s are blue and gold - in that order). So, when the Big Ten 10K race came to Chicago this past weekend, I was totally game to don Michigan gear and run for the hubby’s team.

With runners decked out in their respective team jerseys, the race was one of the most spirited albeit uncompetitive I have ever participated in. It wasn’t the most organized race that I’ve ever run, which the number of emails leading up to the event made obvious, and my biggest gripe was the crowding. For most of the run, it was incredibly tight. On top of that, cones meant to separate the running path perilously lined the narrow course. I actually tripped over one when at the hydration center – I was looking left in order to grab water while avoiding crowd, and didn’t see a cone right in front of me. I went down, slamming my knee, which then throbbed painfully the rest of the race (not to mention after the race).

Despite this, I know it can take a few years to iron out the rough spots of a race course, and I would definitely run the Big Ten again…especially because the after run tailgate was a lot of fun. There was corn hole, mascots, hot dogs, and beer.  And who doesn’t want a couple of drinks and dogs by 9 am?

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