The Bristol: A Win All Around

The Bristol: A Win All Around
Monkey Bread

From the very beginning I had a good feeling about the Bristol. My cousin and I were going to celebrate her upcoming birthday and, as is often the case with us, we waited until the very last minute to decide where we would go. I called the Bristol on a Thursday afternoon for a reservation, sure there was no way we were getting in, and the delightful gentleman on the phone informed me that not only could we get in, but we could get in at the time we wanted. Win!

I arrived first, and was given the option of either waiting at the bar or at the table. I love that I had the option for a table (I hate sitting at the bar or lamely lingering by the hostess stand while waiting for the rest of my party). I took the table, and was given a prime seat at the front of the restaurant, which was open to the street, letting in the warm summer breeze. And since I arrived first, I was able to give the host (who seamlessly passed it along to our waiter) my credit card to make sure I would be paying for the meal. (Cue evil winning laughter here).

The Bristol is known for its local farm-to-table food, and its seasonal menu changes often, with the exception of a few key dishes. One of the dishes that does not change is the monkey bread appetizer. Never one to say no to bread, we indulged in the warm challah-like bread served in a mini-cast iron pot, enjoying the salted and buttered dough and the dill butter sauce. Yes, this counted as a “worth it” splurge. Next we shared the stunningly presented carrot salad, served over a bed of greens with toasted hazelnuts and brightly colored carrot puree.

Carrot Salad

Finally, for dinner we shared the artic char, which was pan seared and served with crispy snap peas, pickled shitake mushrooms, and melt-in-your-mouth strained onions. We asked for the coriander cream sauce typically served over the char on the side and didn’t miss it one bit.

Like the host, our waiter was excellent, making sure we did not feel rushed as we chatted and caught up, while also making sure we had everything we needed to eat and drink. And speaking of drinks, the Bristol has an incredible by-the-glass wine list, full of unique wines at reasonable prices.

Try the Bristol at 2152 N. Damon Avenue or check out their website - The Bristol



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