Restaurant Challenge: Seadog Sushi

Restaurant Challenge: Seadog Sushi
$2 Miso Soup at Seadog Sushi

On a recommendation from a friend, the hubby and I hit up Seadog Sushi in Noble Square.  Cozy and with attentive and friendly service, the BYOB restaurant was perfect for a weeknight dinner out.  Also nice, particularly after a recent trip to Vegas where we spent way too much money on food and at the table (why can’t I just walk away when ahead?!?), were Seadog’s prices.  My miso soup was $2.  TWO DOLLARS!  That’s pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to Chicago sushi restaurants.  Edamame cost a friendly $4 and my tamago, made with just the right amount of sugar, was a mere $2.  Add in that the restaurant is BYOB, and the place is a steal, not to mention that the sushi is quite good.  That said, it would have been nice if Seadog offered brown rice as an option, and I thought the Rainbow Roll I ordered bordered on scrawny.  Still, I did not leave hungry.

Rainbow Roll and Tamago at Seadog

Like most other sushi restaurants, Seadog offers a range of healthy – and not healthy – options.  And it can be easy to unintentionally order “wrong” at any sushi restaurant.  To avoid sushi splurging when that’s not on the agenda, keep these simple things in mind:

Avoid tempura – no matter how you cut it, tempura means fried.  Specially, deep-fried in hot oil.  Even if the tempura coating seems light and even if you ordered vegetable tempura, it is a high-fat dish.  According to, a medium shrimp tempura contains 60 calories and 4 grams of fat.  A typical portion of tempura contains 420 calories and 20 grams of fat.  Personally, I’d rather spend those calories on chocolate.

Avoid anything “crunchy” – often maki rolls are described as “crunchy.”  And, unfortunately, this crunch typically comes from tempura flakes, also known as bits of fried.  Just ask your server – I have seen restaurants use almonds instead of tempura to add crunch, which is awesome!

Avoid anything “spicy” – “spicy” in sushi is often achieved through a combination sauce of cayenne pepper and mayonnaise.  Unless a spicy tuna roll is your end-all-be-all splurge, skip it to avoid the unnecessary calories of mayonnaise, or ask if the spicy sauce can be made with less or sans mayo or served on the side.

Try Seadog Sushi at 1500 W. Division St.


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