Chicago Events: La Colombe

Chicago Events: La Colombe

It’s here!  My absolutely favorite coffee shop from my law school days in Philly (where it opened 18 years ago), the place where I spent countless hours pouring over books and papers, has made its debut in Chicago.  La Colombe opened roughly eight months ago in the West Loop, bringing with it a coffee roaster and its exceptionally smooth and rich coffee, and mocking the Starbucks directly across the street.  Right now, the West Loop location is targeting the many restaurants in that neighborhood, selling them coffee and espresso machines.  But soon, they plan to open a location further north (I recommended the street corner closest to my place).  It will be less industrial and focus more on foot traffic, hopefully also with the old school Euro charm of the always-packed Rittenhouse Square (Philadelphia) location.  Just one request guys: wireless!

Try La Colombe at 955W. Randolph Street

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