A culinary tour de force OR How much can we eat in one weekend?

A culinary tour de force OR How much can we eat in one weekend?
Sable's Dark Chocolate Soufflé Cake

My mother-in-law recently visited (!) and, a foodie herself, we were determined that she experience some of the great food Chicago has to offer.  And, with only a short weekend to work with, we turned her visit into a sort of culinary tour de force.  Here are the highlights:

Best cocktail: War of the Roses at Sable.  Made with Pimm’s gin, St. Germain, and mint, even this cocktail novice and typical wino will be back for more.

Best coffee: Julius Meinl’s strong roast.

Best entrée: the meaty sturgeon at Blackbird.  Wood-grilled and accompanied with mouthwatering chanterelles (mushrooms) and flavorful kohlrabi (German turnip), this light dish was simply fantastic.

Blackbird's meaty sturgeon dish

Best dessert: the dark chocolate soufflé cake at Sable.  Rich, gooey, and served with peanut butter sauce and salted caramel ice cream, it was all my favorite foods rolled into one.

Most incredible server: our Emma Stone doppelganger waitress at Blackbird who described the food so beautifully that I wanted to cry.  Or invite her to guest-blog.

Best brunch:  Nookies.  Always.

Biggest surprise: Sable’s deviled eggs.  I’m still debating whether it was the truffle oil or black trumpet mushrooms that made this normally dated dish the new black.

Sable's Deviled Eggs

Biggest disappointment: not getting into Girl and the Goat, despite calling 5 weeks in advance.  Glad the restaurant is doing so well.  Sad we still have not tried it.

Most star-struck moment: eating dinner right next to Chef Heather Terhune (Top Chef) running the open kitchen at Sable.  Chef Terhune even served a few of our courses.  Yours truly totally geeked out – but somehow managed not to make a scene.

Heather Terhune

Best way to work off the weekend: hello treadmill…..

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