Restaurant Challenge: Gyu-Kaku

Restaurant Challenge: Gyu-Kaku
Getting ready to grill at Gyu Kaku

It’s no secret that American restaurant chains have proliferated around the world.  McDonalds in Argentina, Starbucks in Japan, Subway in Prague, KFC in Ecuador, and, of course, the list goes on.  So, it’s refreshing in some odd way, almost like getting what we deserve, when foreign restaurant chains come to the States.  And one of the most recent additions in Chicago is Japanese based (but Korean influenced) Gyu-Kaku.

Located in Streeterville, Gyu-Kaku specializes in Japanese BBQ and Korean dishes.  The food is decent, but it’s the experience that will keep diners coming back for more.  Each table comes equip with its own grill, and diners use metal skewers to cook raw meat and vegetables over the hot coals.  Food is served family style, and if you scooped up the recent Groupon to Gyu-Kaku, there is plenty of food to try.

Because you cook the food yourself, eating healthy is fairly easy.  Just make sure to order leaner cuts of meat, such as the filet mignon and chicken breast, or maybe try the fish.  And, of course, load up on the vegetables (the mushrooms were particularly good).  Then, splurge for dessert: s’mores.  I’m fairly certain s’mores are not a traditional Japanese dish – I certainly did not see any when I was there – but it is arguably one of the best food combinations ever created.  Fortunately, somehow Gyu-Kaku knows this and puts its grills to good use by offering a s’mores dessert with the choice of dark or milk chocolate.  Winner.

Try Gyu-Kaku at 210 E. Ohio.

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