The most important election of our lifetime… our children’s lifetime… our grandchildren’s lifetime…

The most important election of our lifetime… our children’s lifetime… our grandchildren’s lifetime…

This is not hyperbole. Our democracy relies on elections, the vote count as certified by trusted protocols selecting the nation’s leaders by majority rule. Ironically, our 2020 Presidential election, the very essence of democracy, may well be the instrument of its destruction.

Four more years of Donald Trump will shift the country from tilting toward populism to the brink of outright fascism. If he and his cohorts are not swept from office the malevolence will become too prevalent to stop. Our Judicial system already is bleeding from a thousand cuts, (158 pronouncedly conservative judicial nominees confirmed to the Federal bench, including 44 Circuit Court judges and 112 District Court judges).

Pastors and historians warn against fearmongering. But how can we not compare the Trump Republican party to the Nazi party of the 1930’s, when scare tactics and alarmism spewed from the Goebbels propaganda machine. Today’s version of disinformation reeks out of Fox News and talk show hosts epitomized by Rush Limbaugh, mainstays of pseudo-legitimate media, supplemented by trolls/bots unrestrained by a greed-based pernicious Facebook.

Open and shut your eyes quickly and a Trump mass rally is transposed to Nuremberg, the buildings festooned with flags and racist insignia. Picture Trump orchestrating the crowd to cheer his narcissistic views of America First nationalism. Is his cry of “Make America Great Again” any different from Hitler’s theme of “Restore German Greatness?” Is Trump's subordination of the Republican party different from Hitler’s ascension to unopposed Fuhrer?

It is important to remember that the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic was an elected body, a form of government in which people choose their leaders. Electoral victories by the Nazi Party led to Hitler’s ascension to Chancellor. It took millions of everyday citizens who voted for the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party to bring him to power.

Hitler lied about a Bolshevik and Jewish conspiracy for world domination. The big lie generated fear and gave cover to all manner of falsehoods to achieve power and carry out an extremist world vision.

Trump’s lies are staggering in their chutzpah. And fundamental to how he practices politics and carries out the presidency, creating a framework of false beliefs to gain and retain power.

He rails against a rigged and corrupt political system that imperils the nation by “allowing an influx of drugs and criminal migrants across the border;” he renders the U.S. internationally weak through terrible trade agreements and walking away from international treaties. Trump promulgates the lies and creates the dire emergencies that threaten the country, and declares, “Only I can fix it.”

This is the foundational belief system of Trump’s followers, his political party, and his administration. And it must be ousted from power on November 3rd.

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